• Schedule an appointment with me for further training or getting the help with utilizing technology in the classroom.

    • Learn about Google Suite (previously known as Google Apps) and Google Chromebooks and how to use them.

    • Learn about Windows 10 and Office 365 and how to use them.

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    • About Scheduling Appointments

      To create an appointment, you may click on the "Book Appointment" button at the top of the page. It is set up for every 15 minutes but the scheduled time blocks are for 30 minutes.  For all schools, except for Bakken, please, schedule your appointment for 15 minutes ahead of time so that I have enough time to travel to your school.  (For example, if you would like to meet at 11am, schedule for 10:45am)  The total amount for your blocks are an hour but still technically 30 minutes with allowing me 15 minutes of travel both ways.  Also, make sure that you let me know where you would like to meet.  (In my office or your classroom.  If it is in your classroom, include a room number)  If you plan on having a group of people or you would like to pair up with another teacher for the appointment, please include all names in the comment box.

      You will see this before each appointment that you schedule:

      Please, include in the comments box:
      1. Where you would like to meet your room (include room #) or my office. (If not at Bakken please schedule an extra 15 minutes before)
      2. The task we will be working on.
      3. Include everyone's name for groups.