• Tech Tools for Teachers

  • Welcome to this new section of my website!  It is a directory full of tools for teachers to use in the classroom.  If you click on one of the categories on the right hand side of the screen it will take you to a the page for that section that will explain more about the category and the tools for that category will be listed in a menu below the main title.

    I am currently still adding content and adding links.  I will be emailing everyone again once I have fully completed adding all of the content and links.  However, in the mean time feel free to read through what I have up now and Google different tools that I do not have content or links added yet.

    (None of the tools have content yet.  The links for the tools have not yet been added to Book Publishing - Writing.  Also, the links inside of the content on pages Live Streaming - Writing have not yet been added either.)